American theaters plan to screen free movies when they can reopen

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The industry of cinema the absence of clients is suffering quite intensely from the pandemic that is sweeping the planet right now. This does not prevent them from thinking about what they will do when they can reopen the rooms in the most affected places.

Thousands of cinemas can already be opened in theaters, and films such as Avatar, Marvel's movies and Nolan's movies have been screened to attract viewers, all with the intention that viewers will lose the fear that they will undoubtedly have at the time. to go anywhere where more than two dozen people meet.

Patrick Corcoran, executive director of communications at the National Association of Cinema Owners, said that in North America they consider the possibility of showing films for free for some time so that viewers lose their fear of returning to theaters.

We are working on it. We are working on it. We are seeing what is happening in China. In the least affected provinces they are starting to open cinemas and open free for customers to attract them again. The films they are showing are old. We'll see … it depends. We are in the local and national market and our main distributors are more interested in national releases than in local ones, so it will depend on how the virus goes and if it is more severe in some areas and is diluted earlier in others, is what must take into account. We are looking for ways to reach our clients and also our studio partners with the best way to communicate and get back to normal once we are back.

The film industry could change forever now that viewers are discovering more than ever the benefits of watching content at home through rental or services like Netflix and HBO, the fear of the population that something like this happens may cause attendance to theaters it drops considerably in the future. We will know when all this has happened.

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