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         Amazon and Woody Allen reach an agreement after the demand of 68 million dollars for breach of contract

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In Amazon they decided to disregard their agreement with Woody Allen for the resurgence of accusations towards the director by Mia Farrow. That led to the company refusing to distribute 'Rainy Day in New York' and Allen reacted by filing a lawsuit for breach of contract for an amount of $ 68 million. Now it has been known that both parties have reached an out-of-court settlement.

End to war

The terms of the agreement between Amazon and Allen have not been made public, but sources close to Deadline clarify that "there have been no winners"Come on, that Amazon has not paid everything Allen asked, but neither should it have come out precisely the decision to break the agreement that united them.

Allen’s lawsuit stated that the study was aware of the accusations he had received several decades ago – and that the authorities had concluded that there was not enough evidence against him – and that they owed him 68 million in guaranteed payments in the agreement they had sealed.

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This does not mean that 'Rainy day in New York' will be released in the United States, where it is still unpublished. However, it sure makes it easier for Allen to raise new projects. For now, he has finished filming 'Rifkin's Festival', which revolves around a marriage that visits the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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