Amazing Spider-Man: Marvel confirms the return of a historical enemy

Spider-Man's enemy par excellence, Green Goblin, is preparing to return to issue 850 The Amazing Spider-Man. The confirmation comes from the Variant Cover created by the artist InHyuk Lee, who presents in all his madness the dear old Green Elf.

The editor of the publication, Nick Love, had already posted some tweets about it, which hid within them clues inherent to the reappearance of the villain:

"How long have we been tormenting each other, Peter? I call you crazy, you call me crazy."

"I'll take someone you love, lock me up. It's a vicious circle, little spider."

Green Goblin has marked breaking moments in the editorial history of Spider-Man. We especially remember him for the death of his beloved, Gwen Stacy, whose murder has had devastating repercussions on Peter's life.

Below we report the synopsis of The Amazing Spider-Man # 850:

"Spider-Man has been pushed to the limit more than he has been in a long time, and in ways so far unknown to him. How far can it go before it breaks? Who will have to face this question will answer really clearly, since we are at number 850 of Amazing Spider-Man! "

What are your predictions for the return of Green Goblin? Tell us below in the comments.

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