Amazing Spider-Man 50: Kindred’s identity revealed

The adventures of the protagonist of Amazin Spider-Man continue. In issue 50 of the Marvel comic series, fans discovered the identity of one of the recent opponents of Peter Parker. Here are all the details.

During Amazing Spider-Man 50 we witnessed the clash between Norman Osborn and Sin-Eater, at the end of which the latter was the winner, thanks to the mysterious power of his shotgun, capable of absorbing all the crimes and sins committed by his victim. Meanwhile Peter Parker and his allies manage to individuare Kindred, who uses his ability by creating powerful monsters thanks to Norman’s energy, managing to get the better of his opponents.

Awakening after Kindred’s attack, Norman, as you can see in the image at the bottom of the news, seems to be a new person, especially as he asks Dr. Kafka to help him find Kindred. Faced with the constant questions of his interlocutor, Norman gives in and reveals the identity of his opponent: it is his son, Harry Osborn.

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Peter Parker will then have to face his best friend, who has reincarnated as a demon, whose abilities will test Spider-Man’s strength. We are sure that the next issue of the series will reveal more details about Harry’s story, in the meantime here is a list with the best Spider-Man comics.


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