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Amazing! Leonel Messi revealed intimate manias

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From sitting at the table to your whole family always in the same place, to take off your shoes when you arrive at your friends house

Amazing! Leonel Messi revealed intimate manias

Lionel Messi revealed intimate manias.

Andreu Dalmau / EFE

Messi showed a side that we didn't know him, his hobbies at home, with his family and when he visits his friends. They are curious routine practices in whicheven It involves his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and their children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

“I have many: Before going to sleep I like to leave the table ready for the next morning and that at breakfast each one (of his family) is always in his place, in the same place. When I get home I take off my shoes right away and if I have confidence too I do it in the house of others. I also have others that I prefer to keep, ”said the Argentine star in an interview for Marca.

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Among other things of which little speaks also revealed that he likes to drink bitter mate "I used to take it sweet, but then I get used to the bitterness that is what I drink now." However, he loves sweet, his big addiction are desserts “A little chocolate, dulce de leche or ice cream. Everything that is sweet can me. I try to eat little, but I like it, ”he added.

In sports, Messi will face Eibar with FC Barcelona next Saturday, in a duel in which they will seek victory and wait for Real Madrid not to win to ascend to the first place in the general table.

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