Altered Carbon: Season 2 already has a release date on Netflix

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It has been a long time since the first season of Altered Carbon. But it is likely that the wait was worth it. And that the teaser that Netflix has published about the second season is not very revealing. As for the events we will see, of course; because it has revealed the release date of this new season: it will be next February 27, 2020. Below you can see the trailer.

So, in just over a month, fans of this series based on the science fiction books of Richard K. Morgan, can enjoy a season that promises important changes. For example in the cast, which will feature stars such as Anthony Mackie, which will become the new version of Takeshi Kovacs, which continues to exist throughout time and space.

Remember that we have available the synopsis of the second season, which reads as follows: "The journey of Takeshi Kovacs expands through hundreds of years, different bodies and planets. This allows the plot to explore different aspects of the identity, morality and soul of the human being. In the new season, Anthony Mackie will be the in charge of giving life to Kovacs while the series continues to expand through these themes so profound in different periods of time and worlds of this great universe. ".

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If you feel like the day comes, you can always entertain yourself for a while visualizing the cast of this second season in full. In fact, a very complete list was revealed, which focuses more on the characters in the series than on the actors themselves.

In other words, we will find information and detailed records of both the protagonist, Anthony Mackie, and all those who have a relationship with him. Even of AI and other characters with several centuries of existence.

Source: Comicbook

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