All the movies in the 'Harry Potter' universe ordered from worst to best

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With the arrival of 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' the Harry Potter universe has already extended to the ten feature films (and there will be at least three more). Critics have not responded with much enthusiasm to the new adventure starring Eddie Redmayne, but that does not mean that it is the least interesting film in the world created by J.K. Rowling.

Now we are going to order from worst to best all the movies in the Harry Potter universe. As usual in these cases, I have chosen them based on my personal criteria, so do not take it as an absolute law. With nothing more to add, I leave you with her.

10. 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

The biggest disappointment I've had with the Harry Potter universe. Already the novel left me somewhat cold, evidencing a certain tendency of Rowling to the unnecessary filling, but it is that the adaptation did not even know how to take full advantage of the brilliantly irritating character well played by Imelda Staunton.

In addition, the arrival of David Yates the franchise did not invite to have much hope in what could contribute in the future. He ended up showing us that it was not so, but here he does not show himself completely at ease. The change of location is appreciated, they are played with interesting concepts and the final stretch is close to having the desired strength, but it is also the time a Harry Potter adventure has been closer to being boring.

In Espinof: 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', stretching a very profitable gum

9. 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'

The universe of the magician created by J.K. Rowling needed a change in a second installment that needed to progress and mark what was to come, Chris Columbus He knows how to handle the lighter aspects quite well, from the introduction of Dobby to the arrival of Gilderoy Lockhart, the egomaniac professor against the dark arts, interpreted perfectly by Kenneth Branagh.

On the contrary, the presence of a more loaded plot is something that does not carry so much success, extending its footage too much without having the excuse of serving as a presentation, something that did work in the first installment to justify wanting to try to put everything in the book into the movie. In addition, the first attempt to add a darker factor does not finish curdling, staying a little halfway.

8. 'Fantastic animals: The crimes of Grindelwald

A much more ambitious sequel that embraces the darkness without complexes – there the greatest prominence of Johnny Depp It works very well and also the actor moves away from his most groped tics. He introduces very juicy ideas in the saga and gives us a good handful of unforgettable scenes for every lover of the Harry Potter universe, but he falls into a very important mistake: he wants to put too many things in a short time and everything is a bit unattended.

It seems that Rowling wants to prepare so many things here that he earns the feeling that the film is a preamble that never satisfies you at all. And it is a shame, because focusing a little more – especially at the level of characters, where at all times they are leaving you with honey on the lips of what it seems but never takes shape – and expanding something the footage would not be so obvious.

In Espinof: 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald', a worthy slave sequel to its preamble status

7. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1'

A very pleasant surprise despite its low location on the list. Let's be clear, Rowling extended too much in the final novel and there were a good amount of pages that sounded like pure stuffing. This movie has to deal mostly with it, also working as movie without end For that Hollywood fashion of dividing the latest adventures in two to squeeze them thoroughly at the box office.

However, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1' worked surprisingly well considering the material from which it started. He knew how to raise the darkness in the face of the grand finale, explore the tensions between the three protagonists and clarify more elements of the mythology of the saga without being ever heavy. The lack of authentic and better content continues to condemn it in part, but much less than the book.

In Espinof: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1 ', the most tense and adult of the saga

6. 'Harry Potter and the mystery of the prince'

Everyone has their favorites, but in my case no character in the Harry Potter saga comes close to even shading Severus Snape. He was already a wonderful character in novels and movies Alan Rickman I embroidered it. Here his character gains importance in a saga that is not the darkest of the saga, but it does create a climate of uneasiness quite inspired until it reaches its powerful outcome.

It also benefits from a looser yacht behind the cameras and a Daniel Radcliffe that perhaps offered his best interpretation of the saga in this installment, something that can also be said of Tom felton. In return, the film lacks a bit more background to the story it tells us, especially to that mystery of the title that is not overlooked, but it tiptoes through it as something necessary but that is not going to Pay too much attention.

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In Espinof: 'Harry Potter and the mystery of the prince', disastrous sixth part of the famous saga

5. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2'

The great climax, the tape in which the darkness reached its peak of splendor for the long-awaited confrontation between Harry and Voldemort. In this regard the film works very satisfactorily and knows how to raise the tension to give a conclusion to the height of one of the most important franchises in the history of cinema, but is not exempt from certain buts.

For now, the feared crouching of other characters already abused in the literary original and that here come to give the feeling of being because it is simply needed. That partly dazzles the epic that Yates craves so much and that the film achieves in a few moments. The somewhat insipid epilogue doesn't help too much, but hey, it's a reasonable concession.

In Espinof: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II', epic, vibrant … and slightly unsatisfactory

4. 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'

The beginning of everything, a film that perhaps wants to be too faithful to the novel, but in this case everything fits quite well, starting with a very extensive presentation that could have turned against him. Here Columbus was able to find the right tone to explore the potential of the saga with the most childish cutting tape of the entire franchise, but it is what is screaming for an initiation adventure.

The great and very well chosen cast also helps a lot to make almost everything work like a shot and that some visual enhancements do not overshadow your ability to fascinate audiences of all ages. Nor do I forget the already mythical music composed by John williams and of so many other details that remain completely valid almost 20 years after its premiere.

3. 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'

The hormones alter the blood of the students of Hogwarts in an adaptation in which the literary original was already put enough hand, but it was done quite correctly. Of course, the film is marked by two things in particular: the tournament in which Harry ends up taking part unexpectedly and the great final duel. For that reason alone, it would be worth seeing.

In addition, the film allows the protagonist trio to evolve in parallel to the arrival of new students. It is true that for example Hermione's change is not as shocking as it should, but it still works well and Mike Newell Behind the cameras he knows how to take the story to his field and give us a great hobby with a handful of unforgettable scenes.

In Espinof: 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', more of the same

2. 'Fantastic animals and where to find them

It could have become a mere Warner operation to squeeze the universe of Harry Potter more with very little to contribute, but the truth is that he knew how to take advantage of the essence that conquered millions of characters to create his own universe, something more aimed at the adult public but never neglecting the rest of the public.

Leaving aside the dazzling technical deployment, which takes advantage of everything to turn New York into a magical setting with nothing to rival the United Kingdom, what stands out is the solvency that David Yates was winning behind the cameras, more refined than ever here, and a lovely carousel of characters where only the peculiar interpretation of Eddie Redmayne may be a bit out of place.

In Espinof: 'Fantastic animals and where to find them', nothing to envy the best Harry Potter

1. 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'

I remember leaving something disappointed in the viewing of the third installment, since the book I adapted was my favorite of the saga and still is – and left me with the feeling of not taking care of some small details. The scourge with which every fan charges sometimes and from which he has to detach himself to know how to value a great adaptation better than He took a much-needed turn to the franchise by permanently removing it from Columbus's more childish touch.

The introduction of the dementors is already a fascinating aspect, but also the relationship established between Lupine and Harry, the evolution in the general sense of all the students, the arrival of Sirius Black who does not turn out is who he seemed at first. Everything is oriented to give the saga a darker background with a Alfonso Cuaron very involved to thoroughly squeeze the source material.

In Espinof: 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban', spooky beauty

Now it's your turn to pronounce yourself, Do you agree with our list of the best movies in the Harry Potter universe or would you change your position?

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