all the ghosts you haven’t noticed in the Netflix series

In addition to placing some interesting references to Hill House, the directors of The Haunting Of Bly Manor have seen fit to make things even scarier by including some dark presences really hard to notice.

Indeed not all ghosts have delusions of protagonism, and in many cases the terror derives from identifying something in the dark, without being able to immediately understand what it is. Mike Flanagan and his team had worked in this direction also during the first season, but here they may have surpassed themselves.

Screenshots posted by (you can find them below) are really many and come from all nine episodes that make up Bly Manor. Some ghosts are more noticeable, while others blend well with the environment and are more difficult to see. Small details, which however help to make it well the idea of ​​a house populated by mysterious tenants.

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Obviously, the protagonists at the center of the scene almost never realize that there is something strange behind them, but if they could review the series carefully they would probably find themselves in keep the breath.

We leave you to the pictures and if you haven’t done so yet we recommend you read the review of The Haunting of Bly Manor. Meanwhile, Flanagan hinted at the future of The Haunting of.


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