all characters that do not appear in the original Ragnar saga

With the second part of Vikings 6 getting closer, fans can’t wait to see the conclusion of the events of Bjorn the Armor (Alexander Ludwig). Recently, we have seen the differences between the Vikings series and the Norse tales of the sons of Ragnar, while today we will find out which characters are not present in the tales.

Although based on an existing character in the story, Rollo (played in the series by Clive Standen), not only is he not Ragnar’s brother, but he is not even present in the stories. The Rollo of the series is in fact inspired by the historical character of Rollone, jaarl of the Normans and founder of the House of Normandy. He was nicknamed The Walker, as due to his unusual size he could not mount any mount (in Norse his nickname is Rolf Ganger).

Of Floki’s life and exploits (Gustaf Skarsgård) we learn in the medieval manuscript Settlement book, e Flóki Vilgerðarson, this is his real name, he was the first man to travel to Iceland to make it a colonized land, arriving on the shores of Reykjavík. An incredible story for a ship builder.

Two characters who are partially present within the tales of the Ragnar saga are Harald (Peter Franzén) and Halfdan (Jasper Pääkkönen), even if their historical origins seem more accredited. Halfdan’s “mythical” origin should be that of Halfdan Ragnarsson, son of Ragnar and first Viking king of Northumbria, while historically the character could be inspired by Halfdan the black, king of Agder and Vestfold. A curious thing, the fact that he is historically reported as the father of Harald Furtherioma, while in the Vikings series the two are brothers.

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Re Ecbert del Wessex (Linus Roache) is inspired by the historical figure of Egberto I, ruler of Wessex who introduced the kingdom to an incredible prosperity, surpassing the rival kingdom of Mercia. His firstborn Etelvulfo (Aethelwulf in the series, played by Moe Dunford) fought and repelled the invading Danes from the English kingdom.

We close with the character of Athelstan (George Blagden), which, in addition to not being present in Ragnar’s stories, also has a rather uncertain historical origin, having been created specifically for the series. In Anglo-Saxon history there is a fundamental character who bears this name, Re Athelstan, ruler first of the Anglo-Saxons, and later of the English, and remembered as one of the best kings in the history of the country, but who has little to do with our beloved Athelstan, if not for the name.

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