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 Alfred and Ryan Choi in new images of the Justice League Snyder Cut

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Alfred and Ryan Choi in new images of the Justice League Snyder Cut

Director Zack Snyder has shared a couple of new images of the film "League of Justice" corresponding to scenes that were removed from the movie view, which as we know ended up riding Joss Whedon.

The first image shared by Snyder shows Alfred Pennyworth next to the phrase: "Alfred working in Wayne's abandoned aerospace hangar after having to leave the Batcave workshop when they run out of space when he and Bruce try to make the Flying Fox work. ” This differentiation is not so evident in the assembly seen in cinemas, which practically fuses both locations. The plane really looks familiar to us because It is the same of that scene seen in one of the promos in which Superman appeared before Alfred.

The other image introduces us to the director of nanotechnology at Star Labs, which is none other than Ryan Choi, better known in comics as the third Atom. Orion Lee interprets this version of the character that we had already seen in other images with Dr. Silas Stone and helping him in his work with the Mother Boxes. This character was completely set aside from the final montage of the movie.

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Image of deleted scene of Alfred in Justice League (2017) - Snyder Cut

Image of deleted scene of Atom in Justice League (2017) - Snyder Cut

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