Alert Eagle! In 3 of 4 matches, Morelia has eliminated America in the final phase of the tournament

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After the great exhibition they offered in the second leg against Tigers, the Eagles of America they have in mind that the Morelia Be your next victim and ignore an awkward fact from this series. América and Monarcas have seen their faces in the final part of the short tournaments four times and in three of them the victory has been for the Purepecha team.

In the 1997 Summer tournament, America came as the first place in the tournament and was eliminated in the quarterfinals by the Michoacán, who qualified as eighth.

Video: Aztec TV

10 years later, in the 2007 Opening tournament, Michoacán and capitalists met again, now in the reclassification stage. Morelia did impose in the first match 3-0 and América could not turn the scoreboard ending with a 3-1 overall in favor of the monarchy.

Video: Aztec TV

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In the Clausura 2011 again these two squads were found in the quarterfinals. The Morelia passed over America in both games, culminating the series with a 5-3 overall for the Monarchs.

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The only time in short tournaments that America has managed to defeat Morelia, he reached the 2012 Opening Tournament, in which America defeated the Purepecha by a global score of 3-2.

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Will America reach the final or will it still be part of the negative statistic?


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