Agents of Shield, will Clark Gregg play Coulson again? Let’s find out together

Prior to the birth of the Agents of Shield series, Clark Gregg had previously played Agent Phil Coulson in the first Iron Man film, a forerunner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. Subsequently, he appeared in Iron Man 2 and Thor before tragically dying in The Avengers of 2012.

However, his death was only apparent, in fact revived, he got his personal show, Agents of Shield, the next year. During the fifth season of the series though, Coulson lost his life again and Gregg returned in the sixth season as Sarge, a somewhat ambiguous and evil character who died anyway. Now, Coulson has re-joined the cast, once again, like Chronicom LMD, an android far more advanced than those seen so far.

The series was renewed for one final season, and fans, who have already had the opportunity to discover another welcome day in Agents of Shield 7, are clamoring to be able to see Gregg again in the role of true Coulson.

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The actor in an interview with Variety said: “It seems like a really good time to announce that … I really don’t know”, smiling. “I don’t know anything! It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where I would say,” No, I’m too busy to get my hands on a new latest version of Phil Coulson. “

“I am always thrilled when I see them change timelines and exhibit a new multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because I think” Well, I have seen scenarios where I could still be around. “I really learned that with this character you must never say never. I am very grateful for the journey we have made so far. “

Given that several time travels have been confirmed for Agents of Shield 7, and that Coulson had already recently returned to Captain Marvel, set in 1995, his return to the famous show seems increasingly likely now.


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