‘Age of Empires IV’: nostalgia as the best strategy in the video game market (Clear the X # 136)

“Wololooooo …”. Finally, after a long wait, we know that ‘Age of Empires IV’ is just around the corner. It’s been 16 years since the last ‘Age of Empires’ was released (if we don’t count remasters) and finally, in the fall of 2021, real-time strategy lovers they will have a new delivery ready to be eaten on their computers.

About ‘Age of Empires IV’, its details, nostalgia and what it means for Microsoft and Game Pass we talk in this episode of Clear the X, in which we participated Rubén Márquez (@RMrquz), editor at VidaExtra and a server, Jose García (@josedextro), editor at Engadget. The production, as always, runs at the hands of Santi Araújo (@santiaraujo).

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‘Age of Empires IV’ is back

We know about the existence of ‘Age of Empires IV’ since 2017. It took a long time since we saw the first images, and also from that moment until the official premiere of the first gameplay. That happened last Saturday during the Age of Empires Fan Preview, a delicious online event for fans of the franchise.

'Age of Empires IV': eight questions (and their answers) about how this new installment wants to revolutionize strategy games

Microsoft’s new game, by Relic Entertainment (‘Company of Heroes’ and ‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War’, among others), takes us back to the Middle Ages, making it a spiritual successor to ‘Age of Empires II’. It will have eight civilizations, there will be several campaigns and it will have a huge multiplayer mode that can gather up to 1,600 troops.


The return of the saga is not something minor. The PC world fondly embraced the first ‘Age of Empires’ and the strategy genre entered its golden age. Today this genre is somewhat in the doldrums and, although it is true that there are franchises that are still committed to it, a great game of the stature of ‘Age of Empires’ is still missing.

The question that must be asked is what does this new game contribute and if it will be enough to attract new players and make the most loyal players fall in love. Be that as it may, ‘Age of Empires IV’ points out ways and, as if that were not enough, it is a whole punch on the table by Microsoft, which has already confirmed that it will be coming to Game Pass for PC launch.

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