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After hospitalization of Fernando del Solar, they attack Ingrid Coronado in networks

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A few days ago it was reported that Fernando del Solar He was in intensive care for pneumonia, however, although he is no longer his partner, in social networks they attacked against Ingrid Coronado.

The driver became the target of strong criticism since the news was released and her name became a trend in Twitter, where they accused her of being a bad wife with Del Solar.

Ingrid She was married to the driver from 2012 to 2015, but supposedly Fernando's cancer caused problems in the marriage and they both decided to separate, although It is rumored that she left him when he needed her most

For that reason, Coronado has been tried hard several times, as on this occasion, although several years have passed and both share two children.

What is known about Fernando del Solar, a good controversial driver and his stormy relationship with the viper of Ingrid Coronado, not even the worst enemy is desired by someone like that in his life. Speedy recovery".

Likewise, Ingrid published a video that talks about the importance of family union at Christmas and its haters They did not hesitate to comment.

Gacha … a relative is not left when he needs you most. The incredible thing is that life charges you what you do… when you pay it, remember Fer. ”

However, there is another version about its separation, which ensures that Fernando del Solar abandoned the driver when they evicted him and that she supported him for quite some time.

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