After criticism of the TAS ruling, Pep Guardiola exploded against his colleagues: "They should apologize to us."

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Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola (EFE)
Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola (EFE)

Pep Guardiola He was happy on Tuesday after the Sports Arbitration Court (TAS) decided on Monday to lift the suspension of playing two years in Europe at Manchester City, a ruling criticized by two rival coaches, Jose Mourinho (Tottenham ) and Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool).

City, which had been banned for two years by UEFA for not respecting the rules of the Financial Fair-Play (FPF), was authorized on Monday by the TAS, the highest sports jurisdiction, to play continental competitions. “I am incredibly pleased with this decision. This shows that what people say about the club is not true ”, indicated the Spanish coach this Tuesday at a press conference before the game against Bournemouth.

The Catalan coach went further and demanded that all those who accused and criticized City, now apologize for it: “José (Mourinho) and other coaches should know that they hurt us. We should apologize. If we had done something wrong we would have accepted the decision of UEFA and TAS because we did something wrong.

Guardiola asked to apologize to Manchester City (Reuters)
Guardiola asked to apologize to Manchester City (Reuters)

"What has happened in recent years, all the people who criticized us … I would like to tell you to look at us face to face and go out to play grassAnd if they beat us, we will shake their hands and congratulate them ”, he launched challengingly.

The TAS decision did not affect the current season, in which Manchester City must defend in August the 2-1 victory against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium before the suspension of competitions due to the COVID pandemic. -19. If he were to eliminate the white box, he would enter the 'Final 8', the unprecedented tournament designed by UEFA to decide the new continental champion, in which the eight best teams in the competition will participate, to play-offs in a single match and playing all the meetings in Lisbon, without public.

“No one can imagine how difficult it was for the club to be suspicious. Now we have tried it in a court, we return to the field, "added the Spanish coach who also aimed directly against the powers of European football: "I know that for elite clubs like Liverpool, United, Arsenal, it is awkward for us to be here, but they have to understand that we deserve to be with them and fight for the achievements they have made in the past."

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To finish, Guardiola He reiterated the state of happiness in which the club is: "We are incredibly happy to be able to defend what we have won on the pitch."

Jürgen Klopp and José Mourinho were the ones who were annoyed by the TAS decision
Jürgen Klopp and José Mourinho were the ones who were annoyed by the TAS decision

Earlier, Mourinho, eternal rival of Guardiola, assured that the TAS decision was a disaster and that it was the end of the Financial Fair-Play: "It is a shameful decision, if Manchester City is not guilty, being fined a few million is a shame. If you are not guilty, you should not be punished. Conversely, if he is guilty, he must be punished, making it an embarrassing decision. In any case, the decision is a disaster, "said the Portuguese.

"I really believe that the Financial Fair Play is dead", he added, estimating that "the new owners of the clubs will have the feeling that the circus has an open door, so they will take advantage of it."

For his part, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp also expressed his doubts about the TAS decision. "I don't wish evil on anyone, but I don't think it's a good day for football. The Fair Play Financiero is a good idea and it was made to protect the teams and the competition, ”said the coach of the new English champion.


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