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Adal Ramones attacked for quarantining his luxurious home

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It seems that the quarantine of some celebrities is causing the annoyance of some Internet users and that is that each one an artist shares an emotional message from their home where they are seen in their pools, large gardens or simply in their room has not been well received by Many.

Danna Paola was one of the first celebrities to be questioned because she is seen tanning in her garden very calm and wearing a mega figure, so her fans assured her that they would also have a good time if they had that house.

For his part, Adal Ramones seems to be in a hotel because he is in a huge pool where he looks very calm, so Internet users let him know that he should be at home, but the driver immediately said he was in it.

Meanwhile Laura Flores caused all kinds of reactions, since she took the quarantine as a quiet vacation and the beautiful woman also went to the pool at her house where causing all kinds of comments on social networks.

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It is worth mentioning that many artists have taken advantage of the "running of the bulls" that they are experiencing because they have found themselves, in addition to analyzing situations that previously they could not due to their busy work schedule.

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