According to a tweet, the protagonist of ONE PIECE spends more time in prison than outside

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Luffy's journey is certainly full of dangers. The popular protagonist of ONE PIECE it has faced many opponents, whether they are pirates or marines. And the young straw hat did not always go smoothly.

In the anime of ONE PIECE the first phase of Wanokuni ended, ending with the fight between Luffy and Kaido and the consequent defeat of the protagonist. Luffy was taken by Kaido's troops and thrown in his cell, in Udon prison, where he also met another Supernova, Eustass Kidd. It is the umpteenth time that Luffy ends up in a cage in ONE PIECE and a fan has decided to remember some of the other episodes in a tweet that went viral.

One of the first was in Orange Town, the city where Buggy the Clown was captured. From the same pirate he was then captured in Logue Town and almost beheaded, before being saved. It does not end here because, together with some members of his crew, he has also been put in prison in Alabasta, Amazon Lily, Punk Hazard, Whole Cake Island and now in Wanokuni.

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In all these situations, Luffy was caged not by marines but by pirates. The only time that Luffy was inside a government prison was in Impel Down, where, however, the protagonist of ONE PIECE he infiltrated of his own free will to try to free Ace. Will there be other episodes like that for the young straw hat? Meanwhile, his crew learned of his capture, giving life to one of the most comic expressions of ONE PIECE.

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