A user decodes the language of the gods used in Dragon Ball Super

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With the release of the series of Dragon Ball Super the world of Goku and his companions has been greatly expanded and enriched with new characters but above all entities such as angels and divinities. So much so that they have become the fulcrum around which the entire series revolves, playing a main role since the beginning.

Just think of the angel whis and to the god of destruction Beerus. Two characters who have accompanied our heroes since the beginning of Dragon Ball Super. Over time and with the release of new chapters, we became familiar with the new arrivals and the world that Toyotaro, together with Toriyama, has built.

We have had the opportunity to witness many things still inexplicable today, about angels and divinities. And if with the last narrative arc of the manga something seems to boil in the pot, especially with regards to Merus, and for some time that fans have been trying to discover new details not yet caught. One of them is the language Whis uses when invoking the dragon Shenlong through the Super Dragon Balls, at the end of the Tournament of Power.

Reading what a user reported on Twitter: Herms98, it would seem that for those who are Japanese or at least chew the language of the country of the Rising Sun, understand the language of Whis and the dragon is not that difficult. In fact, in the post that we report at the bottom of this article, the user reveals the arcane saying that the angel does nothing else to speak Japanese, moved, however, by a letter in the Katakana alphabet.

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Also on this false line, the answer that Shenlong gives is not so difficult to understand, as it does nothing but speak the language of the country of the Rising Sun, but on the contrary. The same trick is also used for the language of the gods.

So it may seem something abstruse for those who are not native to Japan, but for those who know the language, getting a translation is not so complicated and this leads us to say that, brainy as Bulma, they could very well speak that language without making too much effort.

And what do you think of it? Did you know about the trick used in Dragon Ball Super to create the language of the gods? Let us know below in the comments.

Yamcha, "one of the three strongest warriors on earth", in the last chapter.

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