A player invites the director of God of War to leave Sony for Xbox Game Studios

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Despite Cory Barlog is linked to Santa Monica Studio and has put his signature on one of the greatest masterpieces ever released on PlayStation platforms – God of War – has repeatedly admitted publicly that he loves gaming in all its forms without preferring any "flag", arriving in more than one occasion to praise Sony's competitors.

As you will surely agree, there is absolutely nothing wrong … yet, the YouTuber TheRealAirplane99 has a completely opposite opinion. Clearly annoyed by the attitude of the talented director, he made a video entitled "Because Cory Barlog doesn't go to work for Xbox Game Studios? ", in which he collects some of Barlog's messages and justifies his thinking in three points:

  1. Love all games even if they are rubbish;
  2. He wants the exclusives to disappear;
  3. He loves Phil Spencer despite his anti-consumer policy.

According to TheRealAirplane99, Barlog spends too much time praising cross-platform games (even if they are bad) and too little to do the same for the PlayStation home products. Such an attitude would make the director a perfect candidate for Xbox Game Studios, which would churn out in 99% of cases "irrelevant garbage ".

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We will not spend many words to explain how little his thought can be shared, since the reasons seem clear to us. Cory Barlog, for his part, seems to have had a lot of fun reading these words. Bringing the words of the YouTuber to the attention of his followers, he wrote: "I will make a poster and hang it in my office", to then repeat for the umpteenth time "I like making games. I like playing. All of them, regardless of the system".

What do you think of all this? By the way, a couple of days ago, Cory Barlog said she strongly desired a new Golden Sun on the Nintendo Switch.

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