A player has modeled their island from Animal Crossing: New Horizons like Zelda's map: A Link to the Past

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One of the great novelties of Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is the possibility of terraforming our island to give it the look we want. This has led a player to work hard to recreate the map's orography from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in the new Nintendo Switch exclusive.

VaynMaanen has posted screenshots of his island on Reddit and the result couldn't be more surprising. The player lives in a recreation as perfect as the map of the legendary Nintendo adventure game allows.

Shaping the island is not an easy task. First you have to go through a fairly extensive series of tasks if you intend to get the application that gives access to this tool and then you have to have the vision to not end up turning the island into an impassable landfill.

The merit of VaynMaanen is to celebrate and it is to be hoped that in the future more players will give fun and elaborate aspects to their islands, as one of the main thanks of this game is its deep customization of the game experience and the aspect of our island. , character, home and neighbors.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrives in the era of games as a service and that means that for several years we may have expansions, events and various content that extend the life of the title until Nintendo launches a new console or time has passed enough to justify another delivery. Now the game has been in stores for a couple of weeks and players are still unlocking all of its secrets as it continues to be updated with new collectibles constantly.

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