‘A normal world’, by Achero Mañas, already has a release date

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Ten years after the precious ‘All you want’, Achero Mañas (‘The ball’, ‘November’) gets back behind the cameras with ‘A normal world’, movie that will hit theaters next May 22nd from the hand of DeAPlaneta. Starring Ernesto Alterio, Amyach Gala, Ruth Diaz, Magüi Mira and Pau Durá, will focus on the story of Ernesto (Alterio), a theater director who receives the news of his mother's death and, on his way to the cemetery, steals his coffin to fulfill his last wish: to throw the body into the ocean. Tired of her eccentricities and nonconformity, her daughter (Aymach) accompanies him with only one goal: to convince him not to do so. On the trip, the young woman will discover that the only thing her father is looking for is to be true to himself, although for this, sometimes, it is necessary to go against the majority opinion.

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“It speaks of the singularity of each human being, of being faithful or not to ourselves, of family ties and of the death that separates them. But, above all, it is a tribute to my mother, who has brought me to this world and has been able to give me all the love and support necessary to resist on the road ”, explains Achero about his new film, which mixes comedy and drama.

Filmed between Madrid and Valencia and produced by Tornasol and Last Will Producciones Cinematográficas A.I.E.,

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