A new Star Wars 1313 image suggests it was a game centered on Boba Fett

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Of the canceled Star Wars 1313 not too many details were known, but it had always been suspected that the protagonist would be Boba Fett, something that could confirm a new alleged capture published on Reddit.

In this image, user u / LifeByTheSword assures that we see the protagonist of the game in the suburbs of Coruscant, which would undoubtedly have been an incredible location to explore if you were a veteran of this universe.

At the time an animator confirmed that the character seen in a leaked game animation test was not the famous bounty hunter, but he also could not confirm or deny if he was going to appear in the game because it would have cost him a rather awkward call. from EA.

Star Wars 1313 was canceled after showing a spectacular video with gameplay in which an incredible action game could be glimpsed. It was believed that the story would be starred in by a bounty hunter who would have been young Boba Fett, but that may be something we will never know.

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It is also not clear that this image is completely true, as for now the place it comes from has not been shared. Still, there are plenty of Star Wars video games in development, and some of them may be trying to get back what Star Wars 1313 would have offered.

What Star Wars fans can grab is a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that will undoubtedly end up materializing considering that it has been one of EA's greatest successes since they got this license to which they did not They have known how to get the most out of it.


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