A former Villarreal footballer revealed details of Riquelme's personality and leaving the club

Marcos Senna and Riquelme, together in Villarreal
Marcos Senna and Riquelme, together in Villarreal

Marcos Senna, a footballer from São Paulo and naturalized Spanish, the team with which he won Euro 2008, reviewed some chapters of his history as a benchmark for Villarreal. The former midfielder who played eleven seasons in the Yellow Submarine It focused on the figure of Juan Román Riquelme, considered one of the greatest idols of that institution.

“At football level I have little to talk about Román because the world knew how great a player he was. My colleagues and I learned a lot with the things he did, but as much as you learn there are things that are in the DNA ”, praised Senna, who once retired returned to Villarreal to be a manager.

In dialogue with Sports Sect, said about the Argentine's personality: “At the wardrobe level it was more difficult to detect what it was like. He was a closed person, he was with his own. If we trained at 10, he would arrive ten minutes early, change, train, finish and go home ”. Meanwhile, he explained why the coupling was rushed in Spain: “It all started with a discrepancy with the club because he wanted to arrive later and they wouldn't let him. He returned in the box that he should have but it was no longer the same, the atmosphere was a little charged. ”

The Brazilian naturalized Spanish played eleven seasons in the Yellow Submarine (from 2002 to 2013)
The Brazilian naturalized Spanish played eleven seasons in the Yellow Submarine (from 2002 to 2013)

Riquelme was at odds with his former coach Manuel Pellegrini, another of the reasons that distanced it from the entity of Castellón. Senna said: "I put Pellegrini above Riquelme because he was a more constant person in Villarreal. It would be interesting if Román had continued a little more at the club and had not turned out the way he did, that makes him lose points. Although he is still a player who will be forever in history and people will always remember him because he is very fond of him. "

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As for the personal aspect, the nationalized Brazilian recalled his fight with Diego Forlan: “It was a little warm. He came a little angry from his house and there was a heater in training. It was a very fast thing and, thank goodness, because Forlán was very strong. I took 3 or 4 seconds and won the fight, ha ”.

Finally, he analyzed the work of Marcelo Gallardo in South America: “Sooner or later he will be around here in a club, unless he does not want to and has the hope of staying in his country. We are curious to see him training a great in Europe ”.


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