A former teammate of Riquelme in Barcelona recalled the problems they had with Louis van Gaal

Riquelme completed 43 games with the Barcelona shirt and scored 6 goals
Riquelme completed 43 games with the Barcelona shirt and scored 6 goals

It is not a secret the bad relationship they had Juan roman riquelme and Louis van gaal during the stage in which both agreed on the Barcelona. That corroded bond between the midfielder and the coach largely marked the Argentine's stay at the Catalan club. Almost two decades after that experience, the roommate of 10 revived the conflicts that existed with the Dutch coach.

Gaizka Mendieta, symbol of one of the most successful Valencians in history, coincided during that 2002/03 season with the idol of Boca: “We stayed for a year and we were also roommates. It's a phenomenon. It was not the best year for all of us who were there, especially for those of us who have just arrived. ”

The emblematic midfielder, now 46, defined as “A clash of styles” the conflict between Román and van Gaal. "The Mister was very strict and rigid when trying to adapt the system to the players that we had there. It was something we talked to him about. We were trying to have an ability to see what we had as individual players for the good of the team. But the coach was very closed when trying to change something. In that drawing, I have had to play as a lane player, something I could do but perhaps it was not the best demarcation to give the maximum and something similar happened with Román, ”Mendieta revived in an interview with the channel. TNT Sports.

Mendieta spent a season in Barcelona and went to Middlesbrough (Photo: Shutterstock)
Mendieta spent a season in Barcelona and went to Middlesbrough (Photo: Shutterstock)

"I put it very in the band. Many times we agreed because I played as a lane player and he played in a band. I always said to him: look, you go to the middle and leave the lane to me. There was always the coach telling him to open up to the band, to stick to the lime. It was a year that was not the ideal one for all of us who lived it ”, he assured about that stage that ended with the departure of the Dutchman in the middle of the championship and with the arrival of the Serbian Radomir Antic.

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Mendieta insisted that with Guardiola both he and Riquelme would surely have had another performance "For the way of seeing football" And he explained: “I think with any coach who understood football that way. That you do have to impose an idea from the coach himself, but you also have to understand the part that you have to see what you have in the locker room and which players are important; and how to make them feel part of it. "

With steps through Lazio, Castellón and the Middlesbrough, Mendieta became a DJ today after being a sports commentator on English television. Among other compliments for Riquelme, he stated: "We will not discover as a player that he was a piece of player. The only thing he lacked at Barca was that he had that continuity and maybe find a system that would better suit him. At Villarreal he gave lessons, one after another. They have a very special affection for him there. ”

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