A former football player from Atlético de Madrid attacks Pablo Iglesias: "Piece of shit, you are scum"

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The former Atlético de Madrid player, José Antonio García Calvo, He has manifested on his Instagram to make a harsh criticism of the management of Pablo Iglesias in this crisis due to the coronavirus in which he is happy to dispatch with histhe leader of Unidas Podemos.

Lately, since the world of soccer, it is not the first time that a player or former player has manifested himself regarding his political perceptions, when it was not usual. Large faces such as Pepe Reina or Julen Lopetegui have been two of the recent protagonists in terms of criticism of the Government and its management, and they have so expressed it either through their social networks or through public events in which they have been asked about it.

The exporter of the Selection had recently criticized the government for buying fake tests: "It's really a shame. They're making a fool of themselves day after day … AMAZING! ", said the Cordovan in his social networks.

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In his Instagram profile, García Calvo took the opportunity to insult the Vice President of the Government: "You are scum Pablito! Fucking demagogue and liar. Kiss the flag and don't wipe yourself with it, you piece of shit!"sentenced the former mattress player.

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