A figure from Europe rented a house and bought food from street workers

Baldé will give the temporary workers of Catalonia a place to live (REUTERS / Eric Gaillard)
Baldé will give the temporary workers of Catalonia a place to live (REUTERS / Eric Gaillard)

One of the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic was Spain. Beyond the serious health crisis that he lived with more than 200 thousand infected and a death toll that exceeded 20,000, he has already completed 48 hours without new deaths from COVID-19. Faced with this scenario, the economy of the Iberian country was severely affected and for this reason many people lost their jobs and were left on the street.

One of the most shocking cases today is being suffered by temp of the fruit campaign in Catalonia. Many of them, once they finish their workday, have no residence and sleep in the historic center of the city of Lleida. Given this situation, one of the figures of French Monaco and native of Arbucias, a Catalan town, had a solidarity gesture for 90 homeless workers.

Keita Baldé, born in Spain but of Senegalese parents, rented a residence to house fruit campaign workers. "I wanted to help the temps. They were on the street, with no food and nothing. They work 12 hours a day, they don't stop. Most of them are Senegalese and I have wanted to do what is in my hands to make their stay easier, ”explained the striker who plays for one of the most important teams in France through a live broadcast on his Instagram account.

In addition to finding them a place to live, Baldé also took over buying clothes and food from street workersAt the same time, he denounced the difficulties he faced in finding the location for some 200 temporary workers in hotels in the city.

“To rent a home they create problems for you. Even if you have all the resources and all the papers, they put you in trouble. The situation speaks for itself. "

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Keita Baldé is a figure in Monaco, France (REUTERS / Eric Gaillard)
Keita Baldé is a figure in Monaco, France (REUTERS / Eric Gaillard)

Faced with the situation, the 25-year-old footballer he had to use his status as a figure and of Catalan origin to give him the possibility of renting a home so that workers can live while they are not harvesting. “I had to go out into the open to find a place to host them: I have given guarantees, including the possibility of paying in advance. I am not looking for a social or moral war, or race, or origins, I am looking for solutions to help these people. I hope that in Lleida they make things easier for us, ”he explained on social media.

After the talks that Baldé led and that had the support of the local activist Nogay Ndiaye, in charge of making the efforts to find residence, an uninhabited three-story building will become the home of these workers of the fruit campaign that were without accommodation until next September.

Beyond his supportive attitude, the Hispano-Senegalese is a recognized extreme in European football and a long career. After training at La Masía del FC Barcelona, the player had an act of indiscipline that triggered his departure from the Barcelona team. After being transferred to Unió Esportiva Cornellà, the Lazio acquired your pass. In Italian football he dazzled his own and strange until, after four seasons, in 2017 Monaco paid 32 million euros for your pass. He played on loan a season at Inter and is now one of the cornerstones of the French team.


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