A Dragon Ball Z fan went viral after fixing the car with Yamcha

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When it was aired for the first time, both in Italy and in Japan and in the rest of the world, nobody ironically looked at Yamcha's death against the Saibaimen. The hero of Dragon Ball Z he was defeated with a surprise self-destruction causing an avoidable but surely bitter-tasting death.

In the following years that scene was depicted in multiple ways becoming halfway between the iconic and the ridiculous, also giving rise to several memes. The poor Yamcha died of Dragon Ball Z it therefore became a merchandising product, and one of the anime fans used it becoming viral.

Reddit user YouYongku has found a method of covering the dent in a car. Taking a Yamcha model in the dead position after the clash in the Saiyan saga, he has it positioned in the center of the dent as you can see in the photo below. The image was posted and then shared in many subReddits, reaching a very high number of upvotes.

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The pose of the hero went around the world, also arriving in a giant statue version in Shanghai. However in the last chapters of Dragon Ball Super, Yamcha has returned to the spotlight to the delight of those who wanted to see the earth warrior in action again and this time with a not so tragic fate.

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