A date with Siri in Las Tallas de Applesfera

The most repeated words these last days are “finally”. We finally have confirmation of an Apple event, different from the foreseeable WWDC and in which we will see new products for sure. And all this has started thanks to a tip de Siri.

The most anticipated keynote of recent times

Thanks to Siri, we were able to find out about the existence of a new Apple presentation a few hours before the invitations were sent. The assistant answered the question “Apple Event” in its English version with the date of an unknown keynote for the public: April 20. This is where Pedro indicates that it is impossible that it was an accident and points more to something intentional.


Whether this point is true or not it is hardly relevant. The apple company is already in presentation mode even launching its hashflag Y in Applesfera we prepare to cover it live. It is entertaining to delve a little into the meaning of the invitation.

“Spring Loaded” can be interpreted as “spring loaded with news” more than any other way. And the colorful line obviously points to the Apple Pencil and the iPad. We talk about these devices that we look forward to the mostalong with accessories such as colorful iPhone straps and cases. We expect a compact keynote, with few but powerful products.

We hope that, with the launch of the Busca network and its opening to third parties, we will finally see the AirTag. AlreadyAlthough we do not completely rule out new MacsWe’d like to see something related to the remaining to be seen: the redesigned iMac and the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. The Mac Pro is probably still a long way off.

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