A Christmas on Mars: filming of the 2020 cinepanettone with Boldi and De Sica begins

Suspicions about the reunion between Massimo Boldi and Christian De Sica had already made headway among fans, but now official confirmation arrives: the new cinepanettone will be made and will be titled "A Christmas on Mars".

With all due respect to Elon Musk and his Martian ambitions, the two box office hits of Italian popular cinema will be the first to set foot on the red planet. This time it seems that Boldi and De Sica have not been satisfied with spending the Christmas holidays in seaside resorts or in the most famous cities in the world: this year the destination is decidedly more exotic.

After all, the likely cities in which to set the Christmas film are starting to run out after years and years of success around the world. He gave the news of the start of filming the same De Sica, publishing the photo of the first clapperboard which started the adventure signed Neri Parenti, historical director who has already worked on the previous films of the franchise.

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A piece of news that will please fans of crazy movies starring the two actors, and also the managers of cinemas around Italy: cinepanettoni have always attracted many people, and will probably allow them to end a year that started under the worst auspices.

Boldi and De Sica had returned to work together for Amici Come Prima in 2018, and apparently now that they have met they have no intention of separating again.


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