A bodybuilder related his experience after having a coronavirus and being on the brink of death: "It was terrifying"


Over time More and more cases are known of different people linked to sport who suffered from the coronavirus. While some went through it without serious problems such as the case of Paulo Dybala, Novak Djokovic or Nikola Jovic, others experienced a real hell.

This is the case of the American bodybuilder Charlie Aragon, which he detailed in an interview with journalist Stephanie Innes for the Azcentral, was a terrifying experience.

Today, two months after leaving the hospital, he assured that lost about 27 kilos and is limited to walking only in the form of exercise "to be able to start again and return to a normal life," he explained.

Aragon led a life strictly dedicated to bodybuilding until he fell ill with COVID-19 at the age of 35 in early March. The native of Arizona iInterspersed a strict low-carb diet and protein-based with constant training in which he included his favorite activity, weight lifting.

Charlie Aragón is 35 years old
Charlie Aragón is 35 years old

"I was the last person I thought would get sick from this.", the bodybuilder recognized due to certain factors such as his age and physical condition. However, the virus attacked him in a totally aggressive way, when he only believed that it was about spending a few days in bed with a little cough and fever.

It all started in March, when He felt a general cold-like malaise. Later he went to a clinic where he was told to rest, ibuprofen and an inhaler, but as the days went by, his situation worsened. A week later he underwent the COVID-19 test and found it to be positive. He had already lost his sense of taste and smell.

"Once I tested positive, they told me to quarantine and if it worsens, call 911. I was still taking ibuprofen and using my inhaler, but It was extremely difficult to walk from bed to bathroom. Even brush my teeth. It felt like I was running out of breath. Man! it felt like I was doing cardio, ”he said.

Finally, on April 2, he ended up entering the University Medical Center Phoenix where he stayed for 20 days, the most difficult of his life. ORnot one of the bodybuilder's most critical moments was when he developed sepsis: "He had an episode of sepsis and that's not uncommon. Especially when the patient is on the ventilator. Your risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia increases. Just being in the ICU, with multiple catheters in their bodies, patients also run the risk of these catheters becoming infected, "said Jennifer O’Hea's attending doctor.

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The bodybuilder lost about 27 kilos of body mass
The bodybuilder lost about 27 kilos of body mass

Aragon's worst day inside the hospital was April 6two days after being cased: “It was very bad that day. I was on the respirator and I was getting maximum oxygen, so I was getting 100% of the respirator, I was really getting as much support from the respirator as we could give it, "said O'Hea, who, like the rest of the professionals, considered putting a patient on a respirator as an invasive measure: "We know that there are risks of putting people on respirators And that includes new infections. Even before COVID, it was never something we took lightly. ”

“At the time, I knew something was wrong and something inside me told me that I had to fight. Then I started to pray and that was my out-of-body experience. I have never had such an experience before. It was terrifying. I didn't know what was happening but I didn't feel well. ", revealed the bodybuilder about how he lived his most decisive days.

Fortunately, he gradually began to improve and managed to breathe again without the aid of a machine: “Once I was in the recovery room, I couldn't stop for more than a few seconds before starting to run out of breath. My knees were shaking and I felt like I was going to fall ”

Although a test was performed again in May and tested positive, Aragon has already been discharged from the hospital and now he is trying to resume his life: “I am going to walk now in the afternoon. That's just to get my legs up again and be able to start moving again. ”

Finally, the 35-year-old man, who will soon undergo a test again, reflected: "This is much worse than the flu … I had pneumonia. I had sepsis, respiratory failure. ”


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