A beautiful Fubuki shines in the new One-Punch Man themed cosplay

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For some time now he has entered the park of characters of One-Punch Man the beautiful Fubuki. Sister of the most famous Tatsumaki, S-rank heroine, Fubuki has a large group of supporters and often poses for magazines thanks to her attractiveness.

In most of his appearances in the One-Punch Man manga and anime, Fubuki showed up in a long black dress with a slit in the leg, stockings and a rather conspicuous necklace that reaches up to the breast. Green hair at shoulder height and a prosperous breast crown the picture. And it is this version of Fubuki that decided to stage the cosplayer Mangoecos.

As you can see at the bottom, Fubuki really came to life with every kind of detail, with the cosplay dress enriched by the white fur coat worn on the shoulders. This Fubuki was also portrayed with a highly respected setting that further enhances the class of the hero of One-Punch Man. What do you think of this One-Punch Man themed cosplay?

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The latest chapters of the One-Punch Man manga have reviewed Fubuki at work, while the author Yusuke Murata also dedicates drawings on Twitter to her and to her sister Tatsumaki.

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