5 series to devour while waiting for the second season

The waiting time between seasons is never a pleasant thing, especially when it comes to a beloved show like The Mandalorian: here, therefore, we will try to direct you to some valid alternative that can allow you to pleasantly pass the time until the arrival of the new episodes of the Disney + series.

Of the five shows set around the universe that we have selected for you, the first to come to mind is definitely Fireflay, whose atmospheres from western sci-fi they closely resemble those on which the adventures of Baby Yoda and associates are based.

It might also be a good idea to take a look at The Expanse and its war between Earth and Martian colonies; moreover, that certainly deserves a chance Raised by Wolves produced by a certain Ridley Scott, intent on telling us the story of two androids in charge of raising human children on a mysterious planet.

It would also be a huge mistake to underestimate the world of animation: in this case it is easy to stay on the subject, being Star Wars: The Clone Wars perhaps one of the best products related to the George Lucas universe. To see and revisit endlessly is also Cowboy Bebop, cult anime that, between trips around the solar system and bounty hunters, we are sure won’t disappoint fans of the series with Pedro Pascal.

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Speaking of which, a fan recently created a theme song for The Mandalorian in Cowboy Bebop style! Meanwhile, good news arrives from the production: it seems that the first episode of the second season of The Mandalorian will be longer than expected.


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