5 Geralt Stories You Must Read Before Season 2

I’m a fan of The Witcher they can’t wait to be able to attend the second cycle of episodes dedicated to the saga of Geralt of Rivia, even if they will have to wait several more months to see the release of The Witcher 2 on Netflix. On our pages we have already talked about the missing stories in the first season of The Witcher.

Today, however, we want to talk to you about some stories that we recommend, if you loved the adventures of the first season of the TV series about the witcher Geralt.

The story The lesser evil was the basis for the first historic episode of the series with Henry Cavill, titled The beginning of the end. Geralt comes to Blaviken, after facing and defeating a fearsome one kikimora, and visits the wizard’s tower Stregobor, who offers him a contract: to kill the princess Clean (in the series played by Emma Appleton), which has been persecuting him for several years, as revenge for the repressions made by the guild of magicians against sixty girls affected by the Curse of the Black Sun. Geralt will then be forced to make an important decision. Without doubt, one of the highest examples of the writing of Andrzej Sapkowski.

The witch is the story that inspired the third episode of the first season, Betrayal Moon, and sees Geralt grappling with a difficult task: to face a striga, a fearsome bloodthirsty creature, which has put the citizens of Wyzima. The clash (one of the most beautiful of the TV series) puts a strain on Geralt, and contains some of the most intense pages of the stories of the saga.

The last wish inspired the fifth episode of the first season, Uncontainable desires. We find Geralt and Buttercup (played on the show by Joey Batey) struggling with a fishing trip. Dandelion decides to open an amphora caught by the two and a spirit rushes to his neck, strangling him. To heal him from his wounds, Geralt will have to take his travel companion to the city of Yields, where we will find the witch for the first time Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra in the series). One of the funniest stories.

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The first three stories we presented come from the book The guardian of the innocents; the fourth we want to mention, however, is part of the book The sword of fate, and it is the homonymous story, which partly inspired the fourth episode of the first season, Banquets, bastards and burials. In the story, we witness the first meeting between Geralt and Characteristic (Freya Allan on the show). The two are bound by fate, due to the law of surprise to which Geralt had appealed years before their meeting, but Geralt, skeptical, is not yet aware of the importance of that fate.

We close with the story that is an inspiration to the eighth and last episode of the first season: the story is called Something more and the title of the episode is Much more. A year has passed since the terrible battle of Sodden Hill, and Geralt (after a tough battle with monsters to save the merchant Yurga) decides to pay homage to the fallen on the hill, among whom there also seems to be his beloved Yennefer (although this is not the case, as Geralt had a vision). Arriving at Yurga’s house, his wife welcomes the two announcing that she has recovered an orphan girl, which Geral discovers, with great surprise, to be Characteristic.

The second season of the series (unless any adaptations of some stories to align them with the plot that we saw in the first cycle of episodes) will begin, therefore, with the first novel of the Geralt saga, The blood of the elves.

You had read these tales of The Witcher? What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments space!


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