5 facts that will surprise you from Raúl de Molina

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Raul de Molina He has been on television for many years and his popularity only goes uphill. And, the Cuban-American presenter has an incomparable charisma that everyone likes. His career has had several jumps, he went from being paparazzi a driver, and for you to know it better we leave you some curious facts.

1. He never imagined that he would be a driver

From the age of 15 he realized that his passion was photography, for years he studied art and photography in Miami. However, he would never imagine that he would end up as a driver.

2. It is very romantic but it has two flaws

His wife Millie has always said that the presenter has two major flaws: he is lousy dancer and he really likes sweet.

3. Kissed with Ninel Count

Raul has always joked with Ninel Count and the day the singer attended the program The fat and the skinny He gave the fat man a passionate kiss. This almost cost the host the marriage, to the point that Millie almost takes him out of the house.

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4. Send to make your clothes

When he opened the doors of his closet he showed his large collection of t-shirts, which he ordered to do with the best tailors in Hong Kong. Also their suits are made to measure.

5. Your kidney tumor

In 2005 the presenter went to the doctor to check his back pain. He never imagined that he would have a tumor in the right kidney. Luckily, the tumor was contained and they were able to extract it without further complication.

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