11 recommended movies if you liked (or not) the feminist hooligan of DC

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The unexpected failure at the box office of 'Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey' has once again called into question the marketing of comics and genre movie versions thought with the audience spoiled in mind. Beyond the quality of the film, for its greater or lesser script and success in the narrative, in addition to having been influenced by 'Pulp Fiction' or movies like '9 to 5'(1980) belongs to a certain select film club unclassifiable, countercurrent and unusual.

Despite not achieving many of his goals, because of a script without a spark, 'Birds of prey'puts all your good intention and reference, voluntarily or involuntarily to a whole series of cinema with warrior girls, camp superheroes, comic cinema in all its dimension beyond the mythology of the thud and the lycra suit, which makes it a rare avis with more in common with the underground products of the 90s than with the current market. Something like what 'Deadpool' (2016) was looking for but with connections to these 11 films with can do a good double show.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)


It is more likely that Cathy Yan has taken more into account the recycling of Russ Meyer from Quentin Tarantino in 'Death Proof' (2007) that the classic itself, with a self-confidence and frivolity with the violence that is'Birds of prey'he prefers to change for lollipops, pirouettes and cannons of confetti and paint. However, this underground cinema classic proposed a gender allegation to hosts when it scraped in the stately scrotums of the oldest Hollywood.

'Chained' (Big Mama, White Mama, 1973)

Black Mama White Mama 0

It is not the best film of the cycle of women in prison Roger Corman in the philippines, but perhaps the one that best fits the spirit of 'Birds of prey'since, although the first half hour has the typical shower scenes, cat fights, lesbianism and prison sadism, the majority is more a violent film of women on the run fighting the dirty men of the criminal world who try to take advantage of them, until the great end with guns. In addition to the Tarantinian Pam Grier, the villain is a Sid Haig unleashed that it is not so hard to hit Edward McGregor.

'The planet of pleasure' (Vicious Lips, 1986)

Vicious Lips

A fable punk rock glam set in a science fiction setting with carded hairstyles of the 80s, with a production and costume style design New wave neon with lots of bright light, glitter and fog of colors, with a group of aúpa girls and rubber monsters, with catchy songs, half-naked bodybuilders and scandalous makeup. Film type trash to which these new pop artifacts aspire as'Birds of prey', still in need of the lack of shame and tacky taste of it.

'Tank Girl' (1995)


The dream project of Margot Robbie is to adapt the comic from Jamie Hewlett and it shows a lot to 'Birds of prey', where Harley quinn has a "boyfriend" hyena like Tank girl He has a kangaroo man. Only in this movie he fucks him. These adventures of a very punk girl and her tank in a devastated land have the bad reputation of being the failed adaptation of a great comic but it is an action roller coaster with 90’s philosophy and Riot Girrl culture with BSO with Hole, Bjork, L7, Joan Jett, Devo, Bush, Veruca Salt… That is to say everything Yan's movie wants to be and isn't.

'Barb Wire' (1996)

Barb Wire 1996

Probably the hidden influence of 'Birds of prey'is not one with which I would like to be related. Based on a comic, this vehicle for silicone Pamela Anderson It is a rare oddity with shots, explosions and one balance liners that remakea 'White House' and makes no effort to hide it. Pam has a pet like Quinn, and lives in a world of crime in a dystopian society that could serve as a prequel to 'The Handmaids Tale'in a male fascist society. He has a bad reputation but is sexy, self-conscious, and has the theme of Shampoo plagiarized by Sum 41. Something that ADP He can't dream.

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'Dobermann' (1997)


The post criminal cinema Tarantino He was never as crushed as this moving comic from Jan Kounen. It is not starring a group of antiheroines, but the spirit of absurd humor, violence and mindless action in a context of neonoir cinema is represented here with techno and macaroon music With the limit in imagination. 'Birds of prey'remember this spirit a bit but very lowered with pineapple juice.

'Batman & Robin' (1997)


The DC comics adaptations they have always entered a hidden door for a world of colors, camp, silly phrases and soft eroticism full of fatal women, unlikely teams and histrionic villains over the top. This is the most delivery queer of Batman, considered the lowest point of the bat man, but every year that passes a rave rarity with which to enjoy without prejudice. 'Birds of prey' definitely belong more to this group of adaptations than to those of Nolan.

'Catwoman' (2004)

Catwoman 2

An history about Ugly Betty taken to land of empowerment fetish when those terms were not yet in the collective conversation. The fact that a heroine becomes an African American leaving a sadomaso party It is subversive in itself. The truth is that at a certain point in the film the tontorrón spirit It gets too obvious in his "cat fight" message and loses its freshness, and the effects didn't quite amaze. But of course, this female cat could be in the new group 'Birds of prey'.

'Atomik Circus' (Atomik Circus: Le retour by James Bataille, 2004)


Another French nonsense almost impossible to fit into any genre, which may seem, if that, to the Japanese zombie movie 'Wild zero'(1999), mixing absurd comedy, action, suspense, horror, Aliens and Rock 'n' Roll, in a plot at Romeo and Juliet in the deep Bayuo of the southern United States. A little fantastic European comic, a little vehicle for Vanessa Paradis, it just did not curdle but, like 'The killer league'(1996) is a cocktail so strange that it ends up gaining value over the years, a destination that'Birds of prey'can share in the distant future.

'Mutant Girl Squad' (Sentô shôjo: Chi no tekkamen densetsu, 2010)

Mutant Girls Squad Xlg

While Zack Snyder he prepared his fantasy gamer teen out definitive with the prefabricated and tiresome 'Sucker punch'(2011) in Japan, the team of Noboru Iguchi and Yoshihiro Nishimura they billed this insane version of what could be a spin-off of the X-Men in Tokyo. Mutant girls dressed as schoolgirls with neo-carnic extensions faced with other evil monstrous supervillains in an attempt against good taste full of gore, action, flying cameras and digital render effects where fun and comic book spirit can do to logic. I wish some multinational product hooligan as 'Birds of prey' I had 1/3 of inventive coffee and authenticity that this dislate.

'Scott Pilgrim against the world' (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 2011)


A conscious and unprejudiced pop artifact that takes a lot of alternative teenage oddities like 'Josie and the pussycats'(2001) and he opts for them in an unusual musical, video-friendly, romantic and comedy adventure that meant a failure for Edgar Wright but that time has been relocating instead. Not only is it a summary of the youth culture of 2010 (What millennial girl has not taken, or thought of wearing, a dye similar to Ramona Flowers?) But also advanced the success of actors such as Chris Evans or Aubrey Plaza and raised a colorful comic storytelling mosaic that 'Birds of prey'often tries to recreate.

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